Starcraft 2016

A StarCraft movie has often been proposed in some form or another. The purpose of this article is to record such knowledge pertaining to its possibility from official sources.
The video starts off in a very Young Anakin from Star Wars way, but it ends in traditional Starcraft fashion – the Zerg are coming, and unprotected remote colonies are always the first to suffer. Freddie Wong’s latest film, entitled The Rush, shows a rare glimpse of the civilian life within the Starcraft Universe. It’s only a four minute short, but it should leave fans of the game with a good impression: it’s well filmed, the visual effects are stunning, and the ending goes to a brutal place many videogames are still afraid to go.

Director Freddie Wong is no stranger to developing video game-based films, having already touched on things like Minecraft, Battlefield and even the very act of playing with inverted controls. His weekly production schedule sees him releasing plenty of visual effects-intensive films in rapid succession, so those who found the above video interesting should check out his channel here.

The film is set on an unspecified remote Terran colony, where farmhands ply their trade in an effort to survive against the harsh environment. According to canon Starcraft lore, Jim Raynor himself grew up in a similar environment – though thankfully, things went somewhat better for him as he grew up along the farm, and it wasn’t until his late teenage years when he faced off against the zerg threat.

It goes without saying that anytime Terran buildings are forced to lift-off en masse, things are not going well. It’s a moment that transitions perfectly into film, as it tells the viewer that the calm before the storm is about to end, and things are about to go from bad to worse.

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